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Daisy Gibson School Mission Statement

Daisy Gibson School provides a safe, clean, and inviting child-centered learning environment that encourages teamwork among staff, students, and the community. It promotes an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence where students are held to high standards and utilize technology to meet or exceed grade-level outcomes. Gibson's dedicated, nurturing, and flexible staff works together to ensure students leave Daisy Gibson Elementary School as independent learners who are socially sensitive, well rounded, respectful of themselves and others, and who mature into problem solving citizens who contribute to, and compete in, a global society.

Daisy Gibson Vision

The vision of Daisy Gibson School is that all students will become well-educated citizens who know how to think critically, ask probing questions, access and analyze information, make informed decisions, and contribute positively to their community. Daisy Gibson School is committed to educating every child in every classroom in a safe, equitable, and highly motivating learning environment.

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Lunch with the Principal
Gibson's 25th Anniversary
Gibson's 25th Anniversary

Principal Acevedo

Message from the Principal Mrs. Acevedo

Hello Daisy Gibson students, staff, parents and community.


Welcome to the Gibson Website.  I hope that as you browse our website you will see that We will continue to Seek Education, Strive For Excellence and Aspire to Greatness by continuing our STEAM programs, offer exciting after school programs, events and continue to provide all our students the supports that they need.  Our teachers are all dedicated teachers that work together to ensure that all students achieve the grade level standards needed to get them ready for the following grade and ready to enter High School after they leave us here in 8th grade.  I encourage all our parents to become involved in the school community by becoming a PTA member, volunteer, attend our school events, and by keeping an open communication between the school and home.  I hope that you will have a sense of community when you visit our school and attend our events. 


A little  about Ms. Acevedo:

I am excited to be the new Principal at Daisy Gibson Elementary School.  I am looking forward to the year 2018/2019 and getting to meet our Staff, Students and Families. Please feel free to approach me and introduce yourself and your children as I would love to get to know each of our students here at Gibson. 

I grew up in Los Angeles, with my 12 siblings (8 sisters and 4 brothers),and our mother and father. My family has always encouraged and supported me to complete my education and pursue my goals no matter how hard they may have seem to attain them.  After I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High school, I moved to Northridge and attended and graduated from California State University Northridge earning my Bachelors in Child Development and later my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. My career in education began in 1993 as a bilingual instructional assistant, then in 2000 I began teaching, and in 2013 I became an Assistant Principal.  I have lived in the Antelope Valley for the last 7 years with my husband and 3 children, my daughter who is 23, my son who is 22, and my youngest son aged 13.  


Leadership Notes

Welcome to Daisy Gibson Elementary School, home of the Eagles!

Daisy Gibson Elementary School Locker
3/20/17 3:33 PM

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